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◆ Stylish, Compact, Portable & Fashionable Design.
◆ Intelligent MCU controller,during charging status,red light will be on and during discharging status,
blue light will be on.
◆ Intelligent multi-protection circuits:over-charge protection,over-discharge protection;over-load protection,
shortage protection.
◆ Designed to provide power for your iPhone, iPod , digital camera and mobile phones,MP3,MP4,GPS,etc.


  • Product Color:Orange/Green/Yellow/Blue/Black/White/Purple/Pink/Rose Red
    ◆ Battery Cell Type:18650 Lithium-ion battery cell (18650*1)
    ◆ Capacity:2000mah or 2200maH or 2600maH or 2800maH
    ◆ Input:5V / 0.8A
    ◆ Output:DC 5V/1A
    ◆ Cycle life:>500 times
    ◆ Working temperature:-20°C-50°C
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